TYDO London

TYDO London are an independent clothing brand founded in London. They launched their first collection in 2019 with the help of Zer0 Studios. "Our lifestyle inspired silhouettes are small limited collections focused on creating unique everyday wear encapsulating individuality inspired by self expression"


Digital, Web, Media, Packaging


TYDO London




To help create a look book campaign to illustrate the first collection of TYDO London with stunning visuals matched with a website with a simplistic approach yet displaying their showcase of garments through these visuals we helped create with our in house photographers 

TYDO WEBSITE mockup mac.jpg

Web & Mobile

Zer0 studios was asked to create a website that would showcase their visuals and be intuitive as well being simple to help users navigate around their website. 

In the end we came up with a website that is viewable from both desktop and mobile with both capturing their audience with the visuals of their first collection 


We also helped TYDO London design their sleek high end packaging with gold printing to help add to their high end mantra